Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Years!

Hey there super fans!  Can you believe we've been married for two years already?  I know, it's flown by!  We didn't do a whole lot on the day of our anniversary.  We both worked, then went to a nice dinner.  However, we plan to stay for several nights in a nice bed and breakfast in North Carolina in July, then a few nights in Virginia atMom & Dad Long's, followed by a nice resort escape in some location yet-to-be determined.  Maybe the Virgin Islands?  Maybe we'll see. . .

Anyway, to celebrate our milestone, I thought I would post a few pictures from the occasion:

Look at these two crazy guys.  Which one seems more nervous?

The Little Chapel in the Woods was perfect for our wedding.  Quite lovely.

And, speaking of quite lovely, here is the blushing bride!  Or should I say the burping bride?  No, probably the first one.  Any way, she's looking hot!

Ah, the dancing.  Let me tell you, getting hitched is nerve-wracking enough to begin with.  Okay, now throw in some choreographed dance routines and tell me how you feel.  Terrified?  Yes.  A wee bit. 

Ol' Andy Pants here caught the garter.  Some time later he got himself married off.  Could be a coincidence.  But that was indeed a magical garter.

And let us not forget the star of the show!  The Nintendo cake was delicious and edutaining!

Here we see the bride - um - doing . . . like, I don't know.  Some kind of Donkey Kong dance or something?  Anyway, she's having fun.

I had a tough time deciding which pictures to include in the blog.  There are so many to choose from, and a lot of highlights that some of you haven't seen and that others may have forgotten.  I guess I'll have to update next year with different photos. 

Two years later and we are still every bit as in love as we were that day.  We are planning big things for year three!  Well, not really big things.  Fun stuff, though.  Not kids.  Kids now?  Are you crazy?  We've got things to do! 

Your friends,
The Two-Year Longs

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